Facts About Catalan

If by any chance you are thinking about learning a new language, it is always advisable that you should get to know about its origin and the history behind it. Here are some facts you need to know about Catalan language.

The Origins.  This is a romantic language that was derived from Vulgar Latin. Being widely used across the entire Mediterranean world, it gradually declined when Spain became unified in the year 1479. The Francoist dictatorship fully banned Catalan in the 20th century.


Catalan has as many speakers as Swedish, Catalan not being official outside of Andorra, it is still being used by many people out there, and this language has an approximate of 9 million speakers around the world just about similar the number of people of who speak Swedish.

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Occitan is the closest relative of Catalan, though people might expect that Catalan share so many similarities with Spanish but it doesn’t, it is actually more similar to Italian than Spanish. However, today, the only closest relative this language has is the romance language of Occitan which many do not even consider as their real language.


Arabic has only a slight influence on Catalan, there is no much influence since Spanish had adopted some characters from Arabic due to the Moorish invasion, the Catalan language tried its level best not to adopt such influences from the Arabic, it avoided it, by all means, possible.


The capital of Catalan is known to be Barcelona, Barcelona is the biggest and well-known city in the Catalonia region. Barcelona being a multicultural city has made the Catalan language to be rarely spoken in that city. It might be shocking to know that Barcelona has the lowest number of people who speak Catalan on a daily basis since most people there use Spanish for their entire communication in Barcelona.